Delivery Robot

Product overview

Intelligent Distribution Robots are intelligent terminal equipment for the overall solution of intelligent distribution of hospital robots. 

The high-precision positioning and navigation system and the perception obstacle avoidance system enable them to safely and efficiently perform material distribution in the hospital. 

This series of products also has functions such as an autonomous elevator call and door control, automatic charging, and authority management, and support Fifth Generation network connection. 

A variety of equipment models can meet the distribution needs of different scenarios in the entire hospital and can be uniformly scheduled through the back-end system to maximize the benefits of hospital logistics.

Product advantages


01 01
Wide delivery range
Box modular design


02 02
Intelligent Interconnection Of Things
Automatically elevator call and door control


03 03
Multiple verification methods
Higher security


04 04
Digital management
Traceability system


Wide delivery range and box modular design

Intelligent Distribution Robots can be used for the delivery of hospital medicines, meals, surgical clothing, high-value consumables and other materials. Its carrier box can be separated or integrated with a maximum load of 300 kg. It supports modular customization of the cabinet to meet the specific distribution needs of hospital departments.



Automatically elevator call and door control

Intelligent Distribution Robots can autonomously plan routes and avoid obstacles, call elevators through the Internet, and automatically open and close doors to realize cross-floor material transportation. It can autonomously return to charging when idle to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted delivery multi-machine collaboration.



Digital management and traceability system

Intelligent Distribution Robots can seamlessly connect to hospital management systems, including HIS, HERP, SPD, etc. Through the self-developed scheduling system, it can realize inventory management, drug traceability and personnel traceability to improve the level of digital management.



Multiple verification methods make it more secure

Intelligent Distribution Robots have multiple open-box recognition modes such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition and ID card recognition. It can be set up for authorization registration to reduce the risk of mishandling, improving the safety of goods during transportation.

Smart Sala A B C E
Product Photo Delivery Robot A1 Delivery Robot B1 Delivery Robot E1 Delivery Robot E1

The compact body can flexibly enter  and  exit various narrow walkways and doorways.

Large-capacity body design for daily material distribution of hospitals.

Split design and an autonomous towing device can realize the autonomous loading and unloading of the transport rack to achieve more deliveries in free time.

Expandable body design for different transportation needs, perfectly combining the advantages of A1 and B1

Scenario Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Navigate mode Vision conbines lidar navigation Vision conbines lidar navigation Vision conbines lidar navigation Vision conbines lidar navigation
Box design Integrated Design Integrated Design Split design Expandable design
Battery life >8h >8h >8h >8h
Maximum speed 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s
Maximum load 100 kg 200 kg 300 kg 300 kg
Communication method Wireless /4G/5G Wireless /4G/5G Wireless /4G/5G Wireless /4G/5G
Dimensions 800*430*1100mm 1060*640*1330mm 1200*500*1200mm 1000*480*1500mm

Product illustration