Infection Control Robot

Product overview

The infection control robots have been doing a good job in hospital infection control.

Its multi-mode environmental disinfection function and self-disinfection function of the whole machine body not only provide a full range of disinfection and sterilization protection for the hospital environment,but also cut off the key way of cross-infection in the hospital;

it is the best choice for the hospital to promote modernization and improve the level of infection control management.

Product advantages


01 01
Multiple disinfection methods realize all-round disinfection


02 02
Original "self-disinfection" to achieve 360-degree disinfection.


03 03
Disinfection effect can be monitored
More efficient disinfection


04 04
Beyond disinfection to include multiple functions in one

Multiple disinfection methods realize all-round disinfection

The top of the machine is equipped with a high-quality atomizer, the dry mist particles are less than 10 microns,which make it in full contact with bacteria in the air. Rotatable 360-degree irradiation mode of double-sided ultraviolet lamp array and dry mist disinfection can disinfect the hospital environment in all directions and without omission.

Original "self-disinfection" to achieve 360-degree disinfection

The infection control robot can perform self-surface full-coverage disinfection. When the anti-corrosion fuselage shutters are turned over and the head retracted, the robot will disinfect itself 360-degree to prevent cross infection.

The process of disinfection can be monitored and made efficient.

Originally equipped with temperature and humidity sensors and effective factor concentration sensors, the robot can judge whether the disinfection effect is up to standard by sensing relevant data and adjust the position as needed to make the disinfection work quantifiable and measurable.

Beyond disinfection to include multiple functions in one

In addition to disinfection, the infection control robot also has functions such as sterile distribution, infrared temperature measurement and remote consultation, which can replace medical staff in and out of isolation wards and infected areas, fully protects medical staff, and minimizes the risk of cross-infection .

Contactless disinfection

Medical staff can control the lifting rod with gestures and issue disinfection instructions without touching the robot. The infection control robot supports multiple operation modes, local offline operation, computer and mobile scheduling. It can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different scenarios in the entire hospital.

Disinfection scope: environment disinfection , self-disinfectionBattery life: >6h
Disinfection method: dry mist/alcohol spray/ ultravioletCharging method: automatically return to charging
Disinfectant type: sodium hypochlorite/hydrogen peroxide/peracetic acidNavigation method: visual & laser navigation
Temperature measurement method: infrared temperature measurementCommunication method: wireless LAN/4th generation /5th generation

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