Training Service

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Training Service

Saite Intelligent Delivery Robots are a smart logistics solution independently developed by SAITE, covering multiple scenarios such as hospital laboratory, central pharmacy, PIVAS, operating room, disinfection supply center, etc.

Technical staff provide users with long-term and irregular product application training services and product maintenance technical guidance services according to user requirements to ensure that user operators fully grasp product use methods and simple maintenance techniques.

Resident service work is planned to be carried out in batches, continuous advancement, and full tracking, to realize a three-level training and maintenance mechanism to solve the concerns of users.

Training Service

Training course

Through different training scenarios, medical staff will get differentiated application suggestions
This enables medical staff to better meet the needs of current departments when using robots, ensuring that medical staff can master product operations proficiently, and achieve normalized applications at the same time that the hospital forms a set of information-based logistics construction standards.
  • Basic application training

    The first stage

    Addressees product design concepts, functions, application modules introduction, and robot workflow introduction
  • Fusion application training

    The second stage

    The department integrates applications to restore the actual application scenario, so that medical staff can operate it well.。
  • Product maintenance technical guidance

    The third stage

    Troubleshooting common problems and product manual descriptio