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Brand Story

Contribute to medical and environmental protection

The four founders of Saite Intelligence met each other when they were classmates in Nanchang University. 

Reuniting after many years, they decided to form an artificial intelligence robot team with their respective technical advantages in AI technology.

As the epidemic raged in 2020, the robot "Smart Sala" developed and produced by the team joined the fight against COVID -19 and supported medical staffs.

Addressing urgently critical needs always come first. In the early days of SAITE, the dream of entering the two challenging fields of medical and unmanned cleaning always drove the SAITE Team forward, inspiring and encouraging them.

Although the robots are in the same low-speed scenario, the requirements for technological maturity are different. That's why SAITE keeps focusing on solving the problem of driverless technology in the real scenario.

At the beginning, SAITE focused on medical care. Its original intention was to use robots to free medical staff from low-value-added work, so that they would have time and energy to do more high-value-added things and focus on patients. At the same time, hospitals are logistics-intensive places and there is a certain foundation of informatization. It is a typical place suitable for intelligent logistics and intelligent distribution and also a closed place for indoor and outdoor integrated distribution. It is the best platform for landing applications of high-end and low-speed autonomous driving.

We look forward to using AI technology to contribute to medical and environmental protection.
Let autonomous driving help people embrace a better life.