Medical Disinfection Robot

Product overview

The Medical Disinfection Robot is an intelligent disinfection piece of equipment that integrates multiple functions such as autonomous positioning and navigation, multi-mode disinfection, friendly human-computer interaction and intelligent scheduling management. 

Micron-level atomization disinfection combined with multi-angle ultraviolet lamp disinfection function provides a full range of high-efficiency disinfection and sterilization protection for the air environment in the hospital. 

The application of the combination of aseptic distribution function, gesture control function and remote consultation function provides a strong guarantee of infection prevention and control for hospitals.

Product advantages


01 01
Atomization/UV mode disinfection and Effective sterilization in multiple scenarios


02 02
Gesture control for non-contact operation


03 03
Multi-function integration to realize intelligent prevention and control integration


04 04
Real-time monitoring to achieve high efficiency and safe operation

Atomization generating device and multi-angle ultraviolet lamp array

The effective atomization generating device carried by the Medical Disinfection Robot can itself atomize the disinfectant into micron-sized particles and then use the high-flow gas dispersing device to ensure that the disinfectant can quickly diffuse in the air, increasing the coverage and uniformity of the disinfectant. Combined with ultraviolet lamp array disinfection, it can kill pathogenic microorganisms in all directions without dead ends.

Contactless disinfection

Medical staff can control without contact the lifting rod with gestures and issue disinfection instructions. The infection control robot supports multiple disinfection modes, local offline operation, computer and mobile scheduling. It is flexibly applicable to the needs of different scenarios in the entire hospital.

Disinfection effect can be monitored and made more efficient

According to customer needs, the temperature and humidity sensor and effective factor concentration sensor can be customized to realize the real-time detection of the environmental disinfectant concentration by the Medical Disinfection Robot. It can autonomously judge whether the disinfection effect is up to standard and intelligently plan the disinfection strategy to make the disinfection work quantifiable, measurable and intelligent.

Beyond disinfection to include multiple functions in one

In addition to disinfection, the Medical Disinfection Robot also has functions such as aseptic delivery, gesture control and remote consultation. It can replace medical staff in and out of isolation wards and infected areas to protect medical staff and minimize the risk of cross-infection.

Product Parameter
Size specification: 600*1608mm (d*h)Maximum speed: 2m/s
Disinfection range: Whole environmentBattery life: >6h
Disinfection method: dry fog/ultraviolet raysCharging method: Automatically return to charge
disinfectant type: hydrogen peroxide/sodium hypochlorite/peracetic acid

Navigation mode: visual + laser navigation

Temperature measurement method: infrared temperature measurement (optional)

Communication method: wireless LAN/4th generation/5th generation

Product illustration