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Hospital Robot integrated solution

Driverless Sweeper integrated solution

Hospital Robot integrated solution

The integrated solution of Hospital Robots combines software and hardware and uses intelligent delivery robots and intelligent infection control robots to replace human labor to complete tasks such as intelligent distribution and environmental infection control and germ eradication, realizing the unmanned operation for hospitals.






Driverless Sweeper integrated solution

The integrated solution of Driverless Sweepers aims to realize unmanned operation and intelligent sanitation management in sanitation scenarios and is equipped with a high-precision positioning navigation system and multiple safety protection devices The scheduling system performs unified scheduling and task planning to provide real-time feedback of operation progress and operating environment to realize safer, better sanitation management in the enclosed park.




Four core technologies, industry-leading R&D capabilities and technical standards

  • Mobile chassis control technology

    Precise control to ensure stable walking
    For indoor and outdoor complex terrain and high dynamic environments, accurate motion modeling of varied chassis to achieve high dynamic motion control.
  • Perception and obstacle avoidance
    technology in dynamic environments

    Ensures safe walking and smooth obstacle avoidance
    In outdoor and indoor environments where humans and machines coexist, a sensing scheme combining multiple sensors such as laser and vision and maps,s generate local semantic maps to make obstacle avoidance and robot action planning.
  • Dispatching system

    Multi-machine collaboration improves delivery efficiency
    Intricate and complex transportation routes can be improved by the key resources of intelligent optimization scheduling of elevators.
  • High-precision positioning technology

    Positioning accuracy improvement
    In complex and changeable environments such as buildings and communities, a variety of map features are mixed according to environmental characteristics to achieve continuous centimeter-level positioning.

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