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36Kr First Release丨Saite Intelligence received exclusive Series A financing from CITIC Securities


36 Krypton learned that Saite Intelligence has completed the A round of financing in the first quarter. This round of financing is exclusively invested by CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd., and the funds raised will be mainly used for product research and development investment, the company's channel expansion of medical and cleaning products, and an increase in market share.


Saite Intelligence was established in October 2017 and is a professional low-speed driverless scenario-based solution provider. At present, the company is based on two scenarios: intelligent robots in the hospital and unmanned cleaning vehicles in the sanitation.


These two types of products are different from other robotics industries. Their work involves various indoor and outdoor unstructured community scenarios: the environment is changeable and complex, and the participants are complicated and unstandardized. This places extremely high requirements on the safety, environmental perception and decision-making capabilities of intelligent unmanned robots. At the technical level, team from Saite Intelligence is committed to open the perception and understanding of the complex environment of the community, researching the best planning and decision-making in line with the scene, and iterating continuously in a large number of application practices, and has deployed nearly 500 intellectual property rights. In addition, the company participated in the drafting of the national standard "Wheeled Mobile Robot Guidance Motion Performance Specifications and Test Methods", and has an independent R&D center and an production-academy-research intelligent manufacturing base.


In terms of product safety, Saite Intelligence is currently the first company in the field of intelligent robot unmanned driving that has been underwritten by an insurance company for intelligent robots. All types of products produced by the company are underwritten by PICC in accordance with the auto insurance model, and the cooperation has been for three years. In terms of technological initiative, the core components of intelligent unmanned robots such as integrated navigation and intelligent control units are independently developed by themselves. In terms of hardware, they are also jointly developed with industry-leading radar manufacturers to achieve customized functions and cost control.


Correspondingly, the current business field of Saite Intelligence is divided into two main segments: the medical field with hospitals as the main customer and the sanitation field with the government and enterprises as the main customer. Among them, the medical scene is quickly implemented. By adopting the sales model of "distribution and agency-based, with direct sales as the supplement", Saite intelligence has already implemented more than two hundred application cases across the country, and it is expected to reach 300+ in the whole year of 2021. The coverage rate of the company's products in the top 100 domestic hospitals in the medical field exceeds 30%, and the top ten hospitals are expected to cover 100% this year.



Delivery robots from Saite Intelligence


According to statistics released by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), the scale of China's service robot market in 2019 is approximately US$2.2 billion, accounting for approximately 25% of the global market share. The Chinese Institute of Electronics predicts that this proportion is expected to reach 30% in the future. The "Global Industrial Robot Report 2020" predicts that the global professional service robot market will reach US$27.7 billion in 2023, with an annual compound value-added rate of 26%. In other words, China's service robot market is expected to reach around US$8 billion in 2023, and the prospects are promising.


Li Rui, founder and CEO of "Saite Intelligence", believes that the company's main competitiveness comes from its long-term focus on the practical scenarios of low-speed driverless driving. The earliest layout, the main promotion of the "unmanned delivery of the whole hospital" product and the combination of indoor and outdoor scenes, a robot can be interspersed in multiple application scenarios in the hospital, solving the problem that how medical intelligent robots operate between multiple buildings in the hospital. Its applied technology can realize safe and reliable operations in large-scale, high-dynamic and uncertain environments such as cross-floor, cross-building, and cross-building in large comprehensive communities, and can be expanded to more scenarios outside the hospital in the future. In addition, Saite focuses more on the subdivision of unmanned delivery, and differentiates itself from the first echelon of medical intelligent robots, which focuses on unmanned disinfection.



Smart-Sala · Intelligent Delivery Robot



In terms of intelligent sanitation, "Saite Intelligence" is also the first company in China to officially complete the delivery and operation of a large-scale unmanned sweeper project. Li Rui believes that the aging population has made it difficult to recruit people in the sanitation industry. At the same time, due to multiple factors such as increased labor costs and increased environmental requirements, the field of intelligent unmanned cleaning is about to usher in an explosion. Although there are currently mechanized ways to make sanitation and cleaning products, it is not convenient for the aging sanitation practitioners, and the actual utilization rate is often not high. Saite 's driverless sweeper can solve this problem.




Smart-Saggi · Driverless Sweeper



Investor's point of view:


Fang Hao, general manager of CITIC Securities Investment Co., Ltd., said that the new generation of artificial intelligence industry is an important strategy for our country and contains huge industrial opportunities. Under multiple vents such as unmanned driving and intelligent robots, Saite Intelligence is able to be deep into the technology and polish the product details based on customer needs.

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